Microsoft Dynamics 365 COSMIC

Microsoft developed COSMIC (Customer Obsessed Solution Management and Incident Care) to help streamline the tasks required to complete a transaction. It provides a clear view of the case as it progresses and uses defined stages to show status from start to finish. It’s one tool of many that your business can leverage with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Offer seamless connectivity between multiple systems.

COSMIC communicates seamlessly across multiple platforms, including portals that Microsoft customers andpartners—companies that provide Microsoft products or services—use to submit issues or check the status of acase.

Optimize agent workflow

In COSMIC, we can apply multiple types of holds on a case. Now, agents can reach out to multiple teams concurrently for help—such as asking a customer for more information while they reach out to the sales team for assistance.

Support flexible and configurable SLAs

With COSMIC, SLAs can beconfigured in any number of ways—by the business unit, by geography, and so on.

Harness the power of the cloud

COSMIC takes advantage of flexible AzureBlob storage, advanced Azure Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities that give us instant texttranslation services and sentiment analysis.

Provide dynamic dashboards and reporting

COSMIC data is published in near real-time with the data repositories the system draws from. This gives alloperations teams—including vendor operations teams—data for further analysis and performance reporting.

Eliminate institutional knowledge

In COSMIC, agents are certified to complete specific tasks. Taxonomies define the tasks that are presented to agents, which means that agents receive only the tasks that they are qualified to complete. Cases are created in templates, and agents can convert email messages to cases when necessary.

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Configure don’t create:

How Microsoft automated its own complex business processes

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