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I am looking for information about software solutions your organizations may be currently using, or have used in the past, to track the workflow for contractually required research deliverables like reports, data submissions, and presentations. Ideally the system would work with our legacy systems, for example our system for managing research funds to be able to track time to be charged to particular funds, and will provide the ability to assign due dates and report out to assigned authors and project managers. This particular system would be to replace two home grown systems that are 20+ years old (one still based off of an Access ’97 database).

I would also like to know if you are using the systems to help capture these deliverables for a separate records repositories or if you are using one solution for all activities.

While we are a R&D center at the University of North Dakota specializing in energy and environmental research, I would be interested in hearing what other sectors with similar basic requirements for document tracking and workflow are doing as well. You may contact me directly at rflynn@….



Rosemary Flynn, CA
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Normally, I’m a major supporter of packaged applications to reduce “technical debt”.  However, based on your explanation of your needs (obviously at a high level), it sounds like a combination of Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, and Planner (all part of Office 365), and SharePoint Online as the repository exposed through a ‘single pane of glass’ tab in Microsoft Teams could be a very strong solution for you.  And, since they are all part of O365, you get all the additional aspects of being able to easily integrate to Active Directory for authentication, integration to Exchange for email, the team communications and collaboration of MS Teams, SharePoint capabilities to help manage the docs in the repository, the Common Data Service (CDS) and Common Data Model (CDM) that underlie PowerApps and Flow, and (for an extra cost) the option to also use PowerBI for pretty advanced analysis and reporting.

Because all of this is part of O365, that almost completely eliminates the issue of the technical debt.

Hope that helps.


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My company provides solutions related to your question.  We use BPM (Business Process Management) software such as AgilePoint and Intellect.  I’d be glad to discuss (and provide qualifications and references) with anyone that has this need.


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