Webinar Invitation – Using Assessments in Developing ECRM Roadmaps – October 16th, 1pm EDT

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Hi All – Greetings!  Please consider attending this webinar on Developing ECRM Roadmaps through focused Assessments. The event will be hosted by industry-leading information management expert and Jeopardy! winner, Priscilla Emery, where she will discuss the reasons for conducting an Information, Technology, and Records Management Assessment that yields a realistic Roadmap to prioritize and budget for (ECRM) migration or development efforts.  This webinar will cover:

  • Establishing executive sponsorship of ECRM projects through the use of a High-Level Assessment (HLA)
  • Decoding HLA recommendations to build an ECRM Roadmap
  • Prioritizing capital allocation and saving money and resources by following the ECRM Roadmap

Online presentation access information:  URL:  https://events.genndi.com/register/818720503324744689/986af86e02


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Just to check, she will be promoting the use of ISO/ECM standards program assessments, right?




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Hey Lorne – The assessments we will discuss are informed by both ISO and ANSI standards in addition to AIIM and ARMA cited best practices and are based on real client experience dealing with specific organizational processes and technology implementations.

Hope this helps and that you will attend.
– Dan

Daniel Beck

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