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Aloha AIIM Members,

Interested in what add-on applications information professionals are using to fill the void with SharePoint Online governance/records management. Do you have any feedback or lessons learned/specific considerations?

Thank you in advance!

Timothy Russell
Kamehameha Schools


In my experience, if you’re wanting/needing to do proper records management, versus just retention/disposition (which SPO now provides), there are 3 main contenders:

  1. RecordPoint (Records365)
  2. Collabware (Collabware CLM)
  3. Gimmal (Gimmal RM)

Certainly there are others that claim to offer RM capability, but those would be the 3 I would focus on.


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Another scenario is to use SP/O365 for collaboration only, connected to a RM instance of e.g. OpenText. Have end-user do their stuff in the tool they prefer. Satisfy corporate needs in an EIM backend. You can set it up so that end-users think they work in SP/Office365 while they actually work with content goverened by and stored in your EIM backend. This way you can have best of both worlds.
Not sure if this is the kind of add-on you were looking for 😉

Regards, Ed

Ed Steenhoek CIP
Solution Principal | Product Manager

Informed Group
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