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Moving from complexity of site nesting to Modern Flat Site Structure

It’s a brave, new, modern, flat world in SharePoint. Whether your organization is already there, on its way, or figuring out how to get there, it’s worthwhile to stop and analyze what this means and why we’re here.  We need to build flexibility into our systems from the ground-up, so we can adapt to the fast cadence of change experienced in Office 365. In a self-serve world, we need to balance the collaboration needs of information workers in our organizations against any regulatory requirements we need to be compliant with.  We need our environments to be resilient when dealing with change.  An Office 365 environment must be designed with an eye to all these things, and a well-laid- out SharePoint site architecture is one of the fundamental underpinnings of a good and lasting design.

This eBook will cover many facets of building a modern, flat site architecture.

Flat architecture is modular, flexible, and built with the future in mind.  This eBook will demonstrate why designing SharePoint environments with a flat site architecture is a proven technique to serve organizations well over time.  Many capabilities in Office 365 are reliant on a flat site structure as will be demonstrated throughout this eBook.

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