Selecting Products for a Document Automation Proof of Concept

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Today a small revolution is breaking out in enterprise capture.  The legacy capture platform vendors (e.g. IBM, Adlib, and ParaScript) and a new generation of technology vendors (e.g. HyperScience, and even Amazon and Google) are providing new capabilities to help you automate the most automation-resistant activities that traditional capture platforms have not addressed well (like handwriting recognition and exception handling) and thus eliminate labor from entire capture processes.

You should be evaluating and using these new document processing automation tools.  But your first step should be to conduct a proof of concept (POC) to test the capabilities with your own documents.  You can test the products individually, or – more realistically and usefully – as an integrated part of your capture environment, to supplement your existing approach.

But how do you select the products for your document processing automation proof of concept? Here’s what we suggest.

Selecting for Document Automation POC

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