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Does anyone have experience using an RFID/Barcode Tracking and Management System that has proven cost-effective in efficiently monitoring the movement of physical records from the point of origin to the Records Centre and any subsequent movement thereafter?
  1. How effective has it been?
  2. What costs might be involved?
    – currently manages approximately 100,000 accounts files (active and closed, with an indeterminate number of records in each)
    – 40 locations
    – 300 staff across seven (7) departments
  3. How system/software specific is it?
  4. Any pitfalls or concerns to be mindful of?
Hope someone can shed some light on this for me as I try to respond to a client query on the matter.

Terence Frater

Executive Vice President

Tel. (416) 768-6689


Thanks for posing this question!  I’m very curious about this as well.  We have multiple locations with extremely high racking and double shelving, and a mix of records center and permanent archival collections.  Wondering if an RFID warehouse application would work for us and if so, whether any interface with RM applications.
Shawn Rounds
Director of Library & Archives, State Archivist
Minnesota Historical Society


Most of the major RM/ECM solutions provide this capability including OpenText, SharePoint, Tab, OnBase, Accutrac, LaserFiche, etc.


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Thanks Lorne.

I was really trying to find out the level of success that anyone might have had with RFID, particularly when applied to tracking individual records, and whether it was found to be cost-effective.  Also wanted to know what might have been the pitfalls to avoid, or concerns to pay attention to.


Terence Frater
Executive Vice President
Januvation Solutions Inc

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