Records located on multiple platforms

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How are records that are located on multiple platforms, internal and external, organized to ensure future recall for repurposing, discovery, litigation, and/or audits?

Lenny Tannenbaum
Records Management Officer


It really depends on what the platforms involved are. At the highest level of abstraction, if some of the platforms are unstructured data repositories and some are structured DB’s, then they would need to be integrated using a common language as well as having the integration solution (or a 2nd party reference source) providing master data management for common vocabulary.

Once the repositories are integrated and you have master data management, then the most robust way to achieve “repurposing, discovery, litigation, and/or audits” is through a single, cross-repository, enterprise search solution, ideally offering multiple search scopes to narrow the search right off the top, then faceted filtering, grouping, order by, and so on.

Lorne Rogers
Vice-Chair, ISO Trustworthy Content/Document Management
President/Senior Management Consultant
Aria Consulting Ltd.

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