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While significantly downsizing our company (from over 1000 to less than 40) we are looking for a tool to assist in getting off Content Server and moving to SharePoint Online. My experience has shown me this is a very large task and would recommend other options. However this is the path requested. Has anyone had any successes with this type of migration in short periods of time? Any recommended tools or products to help export meta data, versions and content? Any feedback appreciated!


Wow, yes that is certainly a significant change.

In terms of CS to SPO/O365 tools, I think the 2 most popular you will find would be MAPIT for O365 from ECMWise and Tzunami Deployer from Tzunami.  I think both are capable solutions technically.  A tool is just a tool though.  Easy enough to acquire the tool and get it pointed at source and target environments.  Where I believe your company should focus the greatest efforts and time however would be:

  1. Change management – obviously with a business and staffing change of such a magnitude, compounding it by changing major platforms like this literally screams for extreme focus on supporting the remaining staff through what is sure to be a tumultuous period and this obviously should go well beyond the ‘normal’ CM measures all the way to grief counselling as there will be significant loss of work friends and so on being magnified through what is both a technology AND a user experience change
  2. Information architecture – as the fundamental structures and approach are different between CS and SP, it is pretty mandatory to invest in defining this well so that the migrated content winds up in logical locations that properly facilitate the new way the company will need to operate (as you can’t reasonably operate the same with 40 as you do/did with 1000).  This also begs for ensuring there is a crystal clear hierarchy relationship from executive in terms of vision to goals, goals to outcomes, strategies to facilitate the outcomes and a framework/tactics to deliver.  If THAT is well-defined and then the IA in SP aligned to that, the remaining staff should be well setup to be able to create, store, find, use, and dispose of data (both unstructured and structured) effectively and efficiently which executive will very quickly see is mandatory to even be able to keep the business afloat at 40 staff.
  3. Training – while often lumped under CM, I call this out separately as it is one of the most underserved aspects of larger initiatives at so many organizations.  And not just training on the technology.  Training people, up to and including the execs, on an ongoing basis, as to the practices of being effective in how you manage the content and data lifecycle both within the technology and outside of it.
  4. Security – this is obviously an especially touchy one, as with so many people losing their jobs, there exists a significant extra risk factor of departing staff attempting malicious acts so adding additional audit and verification steps before, during, and after the migration can provide a good deal of intrinsic benefit since compromised data equals compromised operations.


Just my 2 cents.



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Thank you Lorne!

I couldn’t agree more-on every aspect! Influencing the leaders to include these focus areas is a key undertaking at this time. I hope to be able to bring that clarity to them to make the project successful!

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You’re welcome, Carol.

If you need any assistance with the leadership, let me know.  Happy to jump on a webex session to meet with them and yourself.



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Hi Carol,

I recently managed a migration project to do this very thing for a large telecommunications client. Timescales were around 8 months to evaluate technical solutions and options, review content, strip out ROT, test, migrate, and support a business cutover for an extended user base. Most tools are reasonably well documented and call out some critical factors such as handling special characters and file path limitations etc (and a few providers have posted some rather helpful you tube videos if you are prepared to go hunting).

In my opinion Lorne really has captured the essence of the problem. There will be technical challenges but it is critical the business change is accommodated with due care. All four were key risks and considerations in my project and if these are understood and mitigated the chances for success will be greatly enhanced.

Hope this helps.

Nigel Kirkman


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