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Question: Is it possible to create a rule to forward or redirect emails from an O365 Group inbox to an Outlook distribution list?   IT has reclaimed emails that were from our Outlook distribution group to use for Microsoft Groups, however, Outlook cache remembers the emails that were used.  We are concerned that the Group inbox, which is currently unmanaged, will receive emails due to the cache issue.  The best solution is to redirect the email to the new distribution list.

Kara Hunt, CIP
Information Governance Project Manager
NMPP Energy

Hi Kara,

Yes, your Exchange admin can create a rule.  However, they need to know that they have to use the “Includes these words in the recipient’s address” rule type rather than directly selecting the DL because the rule dialogue doesn’t show the DL’s (pretty sure that was on purpose from MS to discourage continued DL usage/creation).  So long as that won’t create any logical conflicts you will be fine.  However, if your DL is called “Kara DL” (for instance) and you have a mail ID of “kara [anything]”, it won’t work.  And then your Exchange admin may use bad words ��.



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