Anyone recently priced up Office 365 record management for a large organisation?

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HiFrom what I’ve read of O365 record and information management, a lot of it appears to require premium licences. It also appears to have a number of gaps where third party products help extend the basic out of the box functionality; RecordPoint, AvePoint, Automated Intelligence, Gimmel to name a few.
10,000 staff need to be able to use O365 retention polices and labels to manage content across O365 (Exchange, SharePoint/Onedrive/Teams)
Same staff need to be able to apply protective marking (DLP/AIP)
I’m struggling to find a way into this.
Do I price up the features I want and ignore the volume of content and just buy it for the users using it?
Do I work out the volume of content because it affects cost?
Can I buy something org-wide and not per user?
Do I look at existing licences and try to buy step-up licences, so going from A1 (edu) to A3 or A5?
Are there ratios in play. To cover 10,000 staff do I only need 2000 premium licences because there a 1:5 benefit?

Grateful for any pointers

University of Manchester



Microsoft enterprise licensing for O365 is challenging.  Basically, you have 3 levels: E1, E3, and E5.  In the for-profit category in the USA, they are list priced at something like $12, $20, and $35 per user per month.  These rates are likely negotiable for every customer circumstance, so just use the numbers to consider the potential cost differences.  Also, as an educational institution, your pricing will likely be very different.  E1 is online only and those users cannot install local client copies of Office applications.  E3 includes office apps on the client which you really need for effective collaboration on complex documents.  (The online experience is still evolving.)  E3 includes some data protection and discovery features, but the really good stuff is in E5.  You can apparently include multiple license levels in your MS agreement, but it might be hard to right size the allocations until you understand the features at each licensing level and how they relate to your needs by user and job role.

There is a lot of information on the features for each level available and that is a good place to start the investigation.  But the only way to really sort this out is to start a dialog with Microsoft or one of their resellers and dig into the details.

Good luck!

Bob Pride
Program Manager, Information Governance
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

Just to reinforce Bob’s comment a bit, especially for education:  MS almost strictly works off of a completely separate pricing model for education.  And it depends on if it is primary, secondary, or post-secondary.  Additionally, MS very often sets up the pricing with higher level organizations that encompass multiple institutions such as state education boards, education ministries, etc. and that pricing is “flowed down” to the individual institutions.  That said, I have also seen situations where MS has directly negotiated an EA (Enterprise Agreement) with a large post-secondary.  So you really DO need to speak directly to your MS rep.  If you have no idea who that is, you can find out who your LAR is (License reseller) and they can direct you.



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Thank you Bob and Lorne for the replies. I also have a few direct ones and even via LinkedIn. All useful and received with thanks!

Darrel Richardson
SharePoint Support Analyst
University of Manchester

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