Managing information in legacy systems

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Hi all
I’m looking for best practice governance and process for managing information in legacy systems including the destruction / disposal or migration of selected high value digital objects.
If anyone has checklists or templates to share I’d be very grateful as this is an area in which I have no experience.


Hi Karen,

If I understand correctly, you’re looking for checklists, governance, and best practices for RM when moving from a current (legacy) system to a new system, is that correct?

I’m interested in learning from real practitioners about all aspects of dealing with legacy systems.

There is the example where the information in an current system needs to be migrated on mass to a new system; then there is the case of having to / choosing to delete some material and migrating just what still has business or archival value into a new system; but there is also the situation where old systems that have been left languishing are identified for disposal but no one knows what’s in it so not sure if it can be ‘destroyed’ accountability.

Logically there are a lot of questions that need to be asked and decisions that need to be made (and recorded) based on evidence. From an RM governance point of view, I can’t advise the business about the application of records authorities and schedules until they or the IT specialists have done a lot of investigation that relates to the systems that hold the information and data.

I need help and practical tools on how to guide them through this stage of the process to avoid the situation of old tech being retired and ‘turn-off’ without the stuff inside being appropriately dealt with.

I guess I’m looking for materials that will help me speak their language and support them to help me manage the information resources.


Thanks for the clarification! 🙂
I might be able to help somewhat fast-track you. I speak 3 languages fairly proficiently: ECM/RM, business, and IT/geek, LOL!

DM me and we can connect offline.

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