Did you check out the new O365 AIIM report?

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Last month AIIM published a large report on O365’s impact on governance and process automation.
Wondering if others had checked it out yet and their thoughts? Would be cool to have a meetup call to discuss further. What do you think? Maybe in January?


Well, since you asked, Jess, LOL!:

Based on my decade of experience with SharePoint from v2003-2016, and last few years with O365/SPO, there are a few things I would like to comment on.

  • I admit to a very strong bias belief that MS intended SP to be a BASIC platform, somewhat in contrast to a statement made on page 12 (that also apparently appears in AIIM’s Implementing Information Management on SharePoint and Office 365 course that says “Said differently, SharePoint follows the Pareto rule – it delivers 80% of the features that 80% of organizations need, and creates the ability to fill the gap with customization, custom development, or third parties”. Unless the organization in question is quite small/simple in their needs, I have yet to hear of ANY organization that can actually fulfill 80% (or even CLOSE) of their needs on just the OOTB base platform. So, my comments, and the soapbox I’m well aware I jump up on, are colored by that. I honestly believe that deploying SP by itself actually cause more harm than good if your organization is larger than about 50 people and/or you operate in a moderate to heavy compliance environment (which would typically include heavily asset-oriented organizations like utilities).

  • While the document includes in the title “…Governance and Process Automation”, I didn’t really see that much that related to the process automation aspect. . It is obviously quite helpful and valuable to have this reference document that provides some good statistical information, however, I think there could be more information included as to some of the challenges with the many different “levels”, “axes”, and “types” of governance that are required to be truly successful with SP or SPO (and even more so in a hybrid deployment). Ranging from the infogov concerns to technical governance to security governance to user behavior governance to “what goes where/what to use when” type governance, to RM governance, DLP, and so on. It really is a quite LONG list. I felt that aspect was definitely not delved into deep enough.

  • Biased here again (obviously!), but, I also feel strongly that any governance oriented document coming out should also address the use (or lack thereof!) of Standards (ISO/ANSI) within how SP/SPO are being deployed and used.

@Lorne Rogers — I love how active and informative you are in this community. A ton of information.

What if we, as a community, got together to discuss. Are there resources–like checklists–we could create to further help the community get a deeper dive?


thanks very much Jess :). I would certainly be up for participating in some sort of community get together. Not sure what your thoughts were in terms of a checklist though. Maybe expand on that? And what sort of deeper dive are you thinking?

Hi guys, let’s try to get a meet up going–I’d love to discuss plans for this community and take some time to field any member questions regarding O365.
@Craig Shogren — would you be cool with that? Think informal, I could set up via GoToMeeting, we could try zoom even if you like. Would Tuesday, January 15th at 11am ET work for folks? I could set up a link for us to RSVP if so.

Let me know! Would love to support this group.


That time slot is fine for me.

That time and date would work for me. I’m just diving into a project to bring some order to my wider organization’s under and poorly used O365 and can use all the wisdom this community can share.

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And take the risk of making yours different (meaning not a frightening mess) than 90+% of the other organizations out there, Corrinne? LOL!

Awesome, thanks for the support everyone! Let’s do this–here is the meeting invite. Testing Zoom which allows you to use your camera (if you want). Just register and save to your calendar. Looking forward to meeting up on Tuesday!

Hi there,

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Jan 15, 2019 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Camera? Surely, you jest!

Just found your meeting an joining right now! IF there is a presentation, would you please forward? Thank you – Diane Wilson
Work email: dwilson1@…

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