Business Continuity Programme for Electronic Records

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It’s my first day back to work after the holidays so Happy new Year to all.

I wonder if anyone store their documents to a file share and if you do – do you have a business continuity programme to ensure electronic records are readily accessible and usable for as long as they are legally and operationally required.

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The easiest and most cost effective solution for a file share is to backup the share to a cloud provider (Azure, AWS, or Google).

A technical backup solution of any kind is probably the most cost effective way to ensure accessibility in technical tersm – remember to perform exercises on that you are actually able to retore it – and involved operational personel knows how to.

But using a file share for long term preservation do not have any control on mimetypes – so anything could be archived here.
And you are not in control on being able to view it again on a long term timeframe. Most suppliers gurantee their formats for 2 major version back wards – that is approx. 4-5 years. If you want to be sure you can view/re-produce it again then you need to have a strategy on converting files that are long term documentation in few selected long term approved formats as TIFF, PDF/a etc.
It is worth nothing to have aa backup solution so you can access the file – if you can’t view/reproduce the content as it was originally – some legislations even alks about you need to be able to view thedocument without reprocessing/the appearance need to be very close to the original in order to be considered acceptablæe in a court.

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While the points you raised are absolutely valid, they relate to archive/preservation.
Geraldine asked about business continuity (disaster recovery) which is quite different.
Not something I was really well tuned into either until I was the solution architect for a BC/DR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery) project for a Telco.

Thank you for all your replies – really useful information.

On the technical back-up solution, we currently do not purge historical data from shared drives. I think that’s the easiest way but the question around readability and accessibility in 5-10 years is a bit tricky (e.g. unreadable WORD documents).

On converting the data to TIFF of PDF/A, we don’t have the capacity to convert tons of data to these formats unfortunately.

There must be a document on business continuity or disaster preparedness the AIIM community has come across in their IM work life.

Interesting to know if there is any you are willing to share.


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As a matter of fact I do, please have a look at

Samuel Nord ELO Digital Office GmbH

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