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To all ECM users and interested parties. Below is a notification sent to approximately 300 AIIM members participating in the ECM industry standardization sharing information related to AIIM relinquishing it’s role as the standard setting body, and where the program is going. Standards and best practices will continue to be developed, but by another accredited body who has a VERY strong background in this area who welcomed our work as soon as they heard AIIM no longer had interest in standardization.

If you (or someone you know) are not part of the standards program and wish to participate as the ECM industry standards and best practices continue to be developed for the ECM industry, please contact R. Blatt, committee chairman, or Betsy Fanning. The standards program is going to quickly expand and continue producing best practices, standards and as we move to our new home, we welcome all AIIM members who wish to continue using these documents and/or have interest in future best practices as they are developed for the ECM industry. Below is the actual notification sent to committee members.

As the program moves and documents continue to be developed for the ECM industry we will continue to post those activities here for industry distribution. The standards program is currently updating several critical documents, so please feel free to share this notification and contact either myself or B. Fanning if you also have interest in continuing to participate in the program. So far the response from the members to continue with the effort has been overwhelmingly positive and we will make sure all these standards, best practices, and white papers as related to trustworthy ECM technologies are made available to all users and organization concerned with standardization and best practices.

Sent 4/12/17

To all Committee Members; Many of you may already have heard, but for those who have not, the AIIM standards program is moving to a new home. With AIIM not being able to provide the needed resources and support for a standards program our size, that was needed to continue developing ECM related standards and best practices, AIIM worked with another standard setting body/organization focused on continued development of all the ECM related standards and best practices. This includes not only all the work we have been focusing on, but also all the ongoing PDF work which is also critical to the content management industry as we move into the future. This transition was initiated as the importance of PDF standardization and all the ECM technology and procedural standards and best practices has been well known and recognized by numerous industries who rely on the ability to store electronic content in a trustworthy environment. Our committees will continue working, assuming you still want to participate in the standardization effort. Nothing has changed there, just a new home for ECM standards as AIIM itself is transitioning away from our core technologies, as they noted throughout the last conference.

This is really great news for the ECM standards program as a whole, and we will continue to develop the documents requested by the industry, just as we have done in the past, especially those related to Trustworthy Content Management within the ISO program. When appropriate some of the ISO standards will get adopted as an ANSI standard, while most of the time we will want to focus on standardization collecting input from the industry experts around the world and creating at the ISO level which greatly expands the value of these documents.

We are fairly confident that AIIM will continue to use the industry standards and best practices already developed as the foundation of their training program rather than trying to develop something that doesn’t follow the best practices of the industry as we progress, so we will want to make sure that we also help AIIM with providing any new best practices they need developed by the industry experts in the standards program.

The standards program is going to remain focused on developing the ECM related standards and best practices, and in fact are already updating the AIIM ARP 1 (which will also move over) and the other trustworthy ECM related technology standards and best practices developed over the years. Please email me and let me know if you DO NOT want to remain involved, otherwise when we get settled in, Betsy will send out a message as we get reorganized.

And as an update, the ANSI/AIIM 25 Assessment standard is now in it’s final ISO stages of publication as ISO 18829; The Trustworthy WORM standard ISO 18759 is still being developed, and ISO 22957 (the international version of ARP 1) is going through a major update as well. Whichever committee you are on, you should have already received those files as well. If you haven’t received them or have any questions, please email or call me.


Committee Chair, Trustworthy Content Management

Committee (Previously C27, including C27.3) Committee Chair, ECM Implementation Guidelines (Previously IG committee and ARP 1)

Committee Chair, Advanced Data Storage (Previously C21)

Thank you for providing this to the wider AIIM community.

  • A few questions if I may?

  • What organization is this moving to? The announcement doesn’t actually state that.

  • When is this occurring?

  • What effect will this have on AIIM’s ability to “certify” people going forward? And, related, to those already holding certs?

Thank you.

In response to your questions as follow:

What organization is this moving to? The announcement doesn’t actually state that. – The work will be migrating to the 3D PDF Consortium. Even though the organization’s name does not reflect ECM, the ECM work will be migrating too. The 3D PDF Consortium will be assuming the secretary role on ANSI’s behalf at the ISO level for the TC (Technical Committee) 171/Subcommittee 2. This includes all the work in that committee as well.
When is this occurring? There are many things that must take place before the transition is in place. The overall transition must be completed well in advance of the end of the year. While the transition is taking place, it is important that the committees continue to work in a business as usual manner. We are striving to make the transition as painless for the volunteers as possible and to not disrupt the work taking place.
What effect will this have on AIIM’s ability to “certify” people going forward? And, related, to those already holding certs? The AIIM Certification is a separate program. This change will not have any effect on AIIM’s certification program. If you already hold a certification, you will need to continue to renew or sit again for the exam as the process specifies.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.


If this is moving to a consortium, if the desire to be involved is there, is this the time to speak up?

Cook County Government

You can speak up now but know that we will also be issuing a call for participants when the transition is in place and nearing completion or as we are setting up the discussion groups (think listserv replacement). Please understand that the rules of the consortium will need to be followed regarding membership requirements. The program was a member benefit under the AIIM umbrella. This will be different moving forward.


Mary; We have 3 projects already moving over to the consortium and we are always looking for participants. They are the the Trustworthy WORM technical and functional requirements (ISO 18759), Trustworthy assessments (ANSI/AIIM 25) which is being published as ISO 18829 and ISO 22957 which will replace ARP 1.

I chair all 3 committees, so contact me directly if you would like to participate as the work is ongoing.



I was very surprised at this announcement. Just a quick question on the AIIM ARP-1-2009, Analysis, Selection, and Implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) and your suggestion for agencies who reference the APR 1 to download it and then up-load it in the short term to their sites for use. Can you perceive if there would be any Intellectual Property (IP) implications in doing this before you relaunch this under the new consortium name?


Hi linda; ARP 1 has been available for download for years, so i don’t see any reason you can’t download it. ARP 1 has been freely available since it was first published, so i would encourage you to download it and put on your site until we get the updated document finished and approved. I can’t remember if you are on the committee working on the update, but if not, please email me and i will add you to the committee roster.

So AIIM is giving away one of its core competencies … ?

unfortunately yes, AIIM sr. mgmt. made thedecision to no longer support the standards program several months ago. MANY people are quite shocked.

it is really a pity, because in my point of view AIIM looses impact and even ANSI standards for our industry will be no longer available from the AIIM website. Some years ago AIIM Europe already stopped running the secretariate for the MoReq standards in Europe.

There are now two questions remaining I like to see some answers:
(1) Will AIIM loose a lot of attraction and impact – or was nobody really interested in the standards work?
(2) Do standards have any influence or impact for our “ECM” vendors? I think, nobody – both vendors and buyers – really cared.

Kind regards,

There is very large interest in the standards program and a large number of people are planning on simply switching over to the consortium to continue working on the industry standards. there will be at least 3 large working groups and all interested people should contact either betsy or for those committee’s i chair, they can contact me. Almost all my committee members are moving over and this is about 200 – 300 people, but we won’t have the actual count until the transition is over.

for me as consultant in Germany, from an European point of view, it is really a mess that AIIM terminates its standards program. The AIIM standards program has always been a possibility for a non US citizen to take part in important developments of our industry. This access to these developments is now lost. So AIIM seems to be even less attractive in Europe.

But on the other hand – did standards for the “ECM” (or no Content Services or Information Management) industry ever had any impact?

– Did standards matter to the industry? Did they create compatible products, deliver a defined quality, allowed inter-operability?

– Did standards ever mattered to end users? Did standards help to select products, did standards help with interoperability in heterogeneous environment? Did standards ever assured long-time availability of information?

I think, the value of standards was never exploited in real life.

Ulrich, AIIM standards certainly had an impact on my success as an end-user. The ECM system I helped implement many years ago was visited by over 75 other organizations and reps from one foreign country in the five years after we implemented it and we won two national awards for it including one from the Government Finance Officers Association. The ECM system is still being used for their electronic document storage and retrieval today. The year before my implementation, another state agency tried to implement an ECM system that crashed and burned to the tune of over two million in today’s dollars. He was smarter than I but AIIM standards and my local chapter network (neither of which he took advantage of) helped me immensely. So, they certainly had an impact on my career and the success of my organization.

As to how widely used standards are today, I defer to others but early in my career, standards and chapters were key to my success. And led to a lot of friendships that still mean a lot to me.

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

there is also great relevance to the vendors to have standards and best practices. many agencies in the US and in other countries started incorporating various standards and best practices in their regulations and codes along with many government agencies using them to set basic and advanced technical requirements. An excellent example is the when we updated ARP 1 last time, we averaged about 400 downloads a week for many months (i think that is what i remember), and we are preparing a major update for the industry that the consortium will host/distribute, so we expect this also to have a large impact. Vendors have been following the standards required by the user community as it should be.

I suppose that this subject will be the object of discussion in Berlin on the occasion of the meeting of the ISO from 8 to 12 May 2017. So I hope you’ll be able to join us in Berlin. See you there. Best regards.

Hi Laurent; The US is going to remain heavily engaged in the ISO SC2 standards program, but not the SC1 program. Our new sponsoring organization is the 3D PDF association which is going to help the industry expand in the areas requested by the users.

The key question now is really related to how the trade association (AIIM) is going to move forward providing quality documents associated with standards and best practices when they are now try being developed by a separate organization. Having internal resources not current with the technologies being employed isn’t going to help the industry. With the new organization’s support i see the use of standards expand especially in the areas of federal and state agencies here in the US who are requesting specifics to provide guidance to agencies they are responsible for setting policies and procedures for.

Hi, is there a link to the site which you can provide? I’m looking for Best Practices, Standards, etc. as we are planning to migrate from OpenText to SharePoint 2016 Online. My role is OCM for the IT related projects with some experience with SharePoint. However I need more guidance on developing a Retention Policies (currently everything is saved…) how best to migrate (if/when) Shared Drives to SharePoint and Lessons Learned from others who may have experience in this area.
Kind regards

Network2Change/CVR Energy

Since I’m 1 of Robert’s Vice-Chairs in the Programme, I will see if I can save him a few minutes by providing that link for you:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Standards

Thank you!

Thanks Laurent for the reminder. Although the meeting ist in Germany I will not be able to make it. Best regards, Uli

With AIIM moving its standards organization to a new home “company” – will AIIM members still have access to these standards through our membership?

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