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Our company has had a RIM program for about 4 years. We just got approved to purchase an upgrade to our records software, ERMS. We’ve taken the overall class to better understand e-records. My question is, is their one that is more in-depth with subjects like data mining, classifications, changing the company culture, etc. Realize that is a big order, but we could use resource recommendations. Thank you!

Hi Charlene,

To the best of my knowledge there is no single course, or even a related set of courses, that would get you the range that I take it from your question you’re seeking. Certified Records Manager would get you a fair bit of the range, but OCM (“changing the company culture”) you won’t. That would be the domain of training in Prosci. Data mining I take to mean going after content repositories and pulling back analysis of what exists and what relationships are there that can help inform classification and migration efforts. If that is what you mean, that is more technology/tool-centric and would fall to the technology vendors like ShinyDocs and ConceptSearching and the like.

What I didn’t see in your list is training/education around Standards. I would urge you to also look at that aspect as it can ensure that when you go to apply the training you receive, you can do so in a way that is in alignment with other organizations and is therefore benchmarkable/measureable and repeatable.


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