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We are launching a strategic planning initiative for a Federal Agency’s Records Management program.
Has anyone recently developed a plan? I’m curious about the framework you might have used, and the value proposition to the enterprise.
We are also considering using a Maturity Model to calibrate our thinking.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!

T White Parker

The value prop for RM boils down to 4 things:
. ompliance
. Defensibility (alternately, offensibility)
. Auditability (this includes the findability aspect, though not focused on it as it would be from an ECM productivity goal perspective)
. “One copy, one truth”

In terms of a maturity model, I very HIGHLY recommend the selection and use of an appropriate model as one of the key first steps in order to provide a viable assessment and measurement vehicle to focus work in the areas most needing in order to move the organization up the ladder. I’m not in the US so I’m not sure about this but aren’t US gov’t bodies/agencies supposed to use the RM3i model from OMB/NARA? Perhaps other folks that ARE in the US can better clarify that.

In terms of a framework, I would assume A3.1 is a good starting point, but again, I’m not in/from the US so I’m reaching a bit ;).

Lorne Rogers Vice-Chair, ISO Trustworthy Content/Document Management President/Senior Management Consultant Aria Consulting Ltd.

i STRONGLY recommend you look at AIIM ARP 1 and ask Betsy Fanning if she can get you the updated ARP 1 document prepared for ISO along with ANSI 25. These standards and and technical reports were designed specifically by the international community for those with the expertise to be able to FULLY examine an environment and produce a strategic planning document that incorporated an ACTIONABLE road-map strategic plan. There are way too other propriety strategic plans and roadmaps that do NOT address all aspects of the process, as such only end up with generalities and/or theoretical suggestions that have no basis in reality as to whether it could actually implementable. The key phrase to always ask is “if we follow your suggestion and purchase a different product than you propose,,will you ensure it’s success to meet all our goals and objectives. For those who don’t follow ANSI 25, but rather have their own view,,,,the answer is almost always “NO”,,,,of course, the consultant is being paid by the vendor to write the document….in which case we all know what the recommendations will be.
Contact Betsy Fanning, Sr. Director of Standards at AIMM directly and she can help point you in the direction you should consider,,or you could use the individual methodologies prepared by the 100’s of consultants who all thought their was the the proper way. The value of these standards is that it included experts from multiple countries, each with a signficant number of people reviewing within their own country, along with the US being the developer team of the document.
These documents are standardized and i strongly recommend you get them and read them. I am the chair of several of these committees and the vice-chair to ISO, so if Betsy is not available, please feel free to contact me off-list and i would be happy to share more. as it sounds like you don’t want to learn as you go for such as important project.

Check out ARMA’s Assessment tool – Next Level Assessment – it follows “The Principals of Generally Accepted Records Keeping” as Mary mentioned and it will identify key issues and build a mitigation plan.
There is also EDRM at EDRM for e-discovery, I haven’t used it but it seems very comprehensible.

I recently became a reseller partner with ARMA and Next Level, going through the training today.
Happy to share my new experience.
I will also be reaching out to AIIM about the ARP1, sounds interesting.
Julie Harvey, CIP, IGP


ISO 17469-1 is an international standard for strategic plans and ANSI/AIIM 22:2011 is an American national standard for performance plans and reports.
It would be good if AIIM’s and ARMA’s records management guidance documents were rendered in StratML Part 2, Performance Plan/Report, format so that organizations could put them directly to use simply by adding their own stakeholder names, roles, and performance indicators.
If anyone would like to pursue such prospects, I will be glad to lend any assistance that may be required.

I would reference ARMA’s Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP) Information Governance Maturity Model. I’ve used this as my framework to assess my Company’s mature level and desired maturity level and then used this to develop my strategic plan.
General Mills

Good day, I found the National Records of Scotland to be a great source of information and also useful to benchmarking what we do.
Their RM strategy document goes beyond stating only the theory but also has a plan to implement. It use a RM plan and supporting procedures and roles and responsibilities.
Hope this helps.

National Records of Scotland |

Not sure if you may have sort of missed Thomas’ statement about this being for a US Federal gov agency? That is why I didn’t suggest GARP Mary, nor other standards/approaches from other countries (including my own country, Canada).


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