Sharepoint Term Store: How big is too big?

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I would like to use client names as a metadata tag in our Term Store. We currently have 2,000 clients, adding about 100 each year. I thought about simply exporting our client names from our CRM and then importing them to the Sharepoint Term Store, but am wondering if 2,000 terms is too many? I do plan to have a process in place to deal with new clients as they join us and former clients as they leave us, so the Term Store doesn’t get gunked up or have holes. Am I thinking about this the correct way?

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a better approach, if you can, would be to use a 1 way BDS query connection between the Term Store and your CRM database that, I assume, acts as your master data environment for customer names/ID’s. That way, whenever you are changes in your CRM the changes are instantly available in SP. You also never run the risk of the 2 datasets getting out of sync.

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Good ideas – I think the connection between the CRM & SP seems the most logical, since it fully automates the process. Now to figure out how to do that!! 🙂

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Hi Caite
With regards to capacity of Term Store I have never really tried to find out what are the numbers. I have a term store which holds over 6000 records of our clients. This works very well with us as we are able to use SharePoint as our document management solution and tag our client’s document with correct tagging.

You do however need to have some kind of automated process which will update your managed metadata this will help ensure that your updates in your CRM system automatically becomes available in your SharePoint and you can start uploading client’s docs immediately.

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I have a client with a termstore of about 50.000 multilingual items (SP2013). There aren’t a lot of issues with it in Sharepoint, but some client programs load it in completely and this often leads to “hanging”. We had some issues with Colligo when setting metadata, the trick is to avoid these metadata columns in these applications. Of course 50K is way too much to be practical, but that’s another story…


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