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Hi, Is anyone doing this? Has anyone had any experience with CardioLog Analytics on SP2103 We launched an SP2013
Social Intranet latter part of last year, and our Internal Comms department are desperate for analytics on social features (blogs, posts, likes, comments, etc.) as well as the standard web site analytics (i.e. beyond what OOTB SharePoint provides).
Here’s hoping someone has or can provide a useful alternative. For example, has anyone tried this with either Adobe SiteCatalyst or WebTrends – anything else such as Piwik, AngelFish? Grateful for any fast responses.

Steve, have never used Cardiolog, but have used IBM Content Analytics. You may want to check out this webinar, it shows how ICA is used for Sentiment analysis, also looks at auto classification in SharePoint and 360 degree views of social media.

Had a municipal gov’t client that tried to extend their use of WebTrends to SP social features. After 2 months of effort, it was abandoned.


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