Records Management if we move to the cloud?

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Hi all, Our organization has made the decision to move completely to the cloud. Over the next few months, we are looking at moving to Google Apps (or O365 – we have not made that decision yet). In addition, Dropbox is used a lot among employees and we want to formally support it. We are also looking for a cloud messaging system (Whatsapp? Yammer? Google Hangouts?) for messaging.

My question is this – in this setup where everything in the cloud, is there a records management solution that will work? We want to make sure that anything selected will allow us to connect to these various datasets, collect and classify (automatically?) the content, archive in the cloud, provide audit trails, etc – all of the regular DM and RM functions – provided as a SaaS service.

Are others in a similar situation? Do you have a recommendation of SaaS RM services that will work for us?

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I have personally had to use the Google Apps for business at an enterprise client I worked with and found the experience….painful. This was shared WIDELY amongst other personnel at said corporation. SO, just a heads-up about that.

In terms of O365 however, you have a heavily integrated, user-centric design that most of us have been familiar with for many years through Office, Outlook, and SharePoint. Additionally, since O365 offers OneDrive for Business that is also fully integrated and now pretty cost and technically competitive with Dropbox for Business, you get to stay with 1 platform technology from 1 vendor rather than trying to make technologies and design patterns from multiple vendors work together nicely. Which is seldom a “nice” experience ;)).

Plus, you get the choice of Yammer or Skype for Business depending on your particular goals for messaging. Since I personally think MS’s purchase of Yammer was a waste of money I wouldn’t be an advocate and recommend that, but I freely admit to my negative bias there, LOL! I also love the fact that Skype for Biz is much more of a UC solution.
Now, as far as RM, Gimmal has a solution that is designed for SharePoint Online (SharePoint in O365) called Structure (Structure | Gimmal). I believe it started as a solution for US Gov but I think it is now available for non gov customers. Check with Gimmal as it was DESIGNED to meet DOD 5015 so I should imagine it should be able to meet WF’s needs. The solution actually ends up living in MS Azure and connecting programmatically to your SharePoint Online environment which is MS’s required design and deployment pattern for 3rd party solutions that have heavy-duty interoperability with SP Online.


Thank you for your response.
What were your negative experiences with Google Apps? Are they centered around lack of records management? It’s quite possible that we may go the Google Apps route (not my decision) so I want to be prepared for that. I will check out Gimmal – thanks for that.
A quick look at their website seems to suggest that they are focused exclusively on Sharepoint but I could not see any email / OneDrive connectivity (I will look deeper). But nothing at all into messaging or non-MS file systems (like Dropbox)?
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Hi, The negative experiences with Google centered around a number of aspects:
. The lack of a fully and closely integrated user experience and the ‘professional’ feel as Amanda captured well in her comment.
. Very low, in comparison to MS, capabilities around RM declaration and management and not exposed clearly to end users
. The fact that the contract terms state that Google, not the client organization, has legal rights to all the data stored and/or transmitted through their service versus MS’s exact opposite contractual assertions.

Beyond the above, MS’s ability to, and openness with, easily providing proof of compliance with a boatload of top-end security and confidentiality standards ranging from physical site security for the DC’s down to the option to apply item-level security to some types of content simply couldn’t be matched by Google.

Then there is the sheer range and volume of 3rd party add-ons and extensions and companion software for the MS cloud suite products including SharePoint Online to Exchange Online, CRM/xRM Online, Skype, Yammer and so on for a whole host of extended capabilities ranging from connecting SP to GIS systems to user portals for CRM, to electronic signatures for Exchange email, to EOA (Exchange Online Archiving), tools that can turn Exchange/Outlook into a quasi-practice management system, and on and on. Gimmal DOES focus on SP, but there are TONS of great partner products that can be leveraged to provide SO much capability including automatically routing email content, based on retention rules, from Exchange/Outlook to SP as a retention and control environment.

I would also STRONGLY urge you to look at the Delve/Office Graph functionality available, at NO extra charge, in the O365 cloud offering. Thus far, MS has done a truly crappy job of advertising/marketing this very cool machine-learning/user-BI capability for content, but I don’t believe Google Apps offerings anything at all to compete.


Hi Guys
I am new to this forum but I have just been reading your posts. Lorne well written response, I couldn’t agree with you more. I think there comes a time when a business needs to be serious about their data and security and sleeping well at night knowing that you are safe, for me I don’t think Google offers me that security but Microsoft on the other hand definitely does.
I think what Microsoft has been able to achieve with their cloud technologies is amazing and built on trust they already had from their Windows customers and Office customers. SharePoint offering be it online or onPrem is amazing. The records management if you understand it well and you implement it properly it’s powerful. The fact that in your libraries you can apply automatic policies that will deal with retention of documents depending on what criteria you want is great.

About Yammer Lorne, I think its one of the best tools actually but again there is a lot of these MS tools that when you look at your strategy you find it difficult to fit it in but personally I believe Yammer is great. Email is overrated. I think in a big organization Yammer gives you that continuous contact even if the company servers are down since it is in the cloud. I like the fact that if you implement a proper strategy with it, your employees can reach you anytime and no matter what problems are there and having a nice mobile app as well just encourages someone to read it better than you will read your email when you are off work.
Looking to hear some more about this.


Hi, Thanks for the compliment. As far as Yammer, well, I’m happy to agree to disagree on that, LOL!


Hi, I’ve literally just gone through the process of implementing within this type of framework for a client of mine here in Australia. We did a market scan for the client of available products and selected an Australian company called RecordPoint. They manage records in O365 and yammer, similar to Gimmel, but we liked it because of its connectors into File shares as well.
They’ve recently grown in the US. Might be worth checking out.

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The RecordPoint/Records365 products definitely look quite interesting! I’ve bookmarked the sites. Thank you for the comment!


Hi everyone,
I’m relatively new to AIIM. My partner and I just built a company from scratch up to $100MM+.
We were constantly frustrated by the need to have contracts and legal docs organized well (he’s a lawyer), and how expensive and difficult to use smaller company solutions were. We left about a year ago and decided to try to tackle this problem. We built ContractSafe

I checked out Records365 and that definitely looks like it would fit the bill for O365! Is there a similar solution for Google Apps?

Randy, I appreciate the questions and the responses that have already been given. Just because I have a few different suggestions I feel it might be valuable to record them for you.
First, between O365 and Google Apps, I have chosen the Microsoft avenue. It’s a personal bias but I’m familiar with their products–both qualities and indiosyncracies. I dislike DropBox and the rest of their ilk. I use ECHOshare by Intronis and ShareFile by Citrix because of their security and compliance features. In full disclosure I resell both of those products but I resell them because I believe in them. I use both because I like choices and flexibilities. You have probably already guessed, giving what I do that security considerations are important to me.
As for messaging, I’m not much for any of the choices. I really find ECHOshare and ShareFile enable me to collaborate with my clients.
As for records management, in a former life I used and resold ImageSilo by Digitech. I found it full featured, easy to use, secure and well supported. In full disclosure, I do nothing regarding records management any more.

I hope this helps. If you would like any deeper discussion on the suggestions above, please contact me at 219-617-2651 or 3ron@….

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