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I am curious how others are keeping their record retention schedule updated with changing laws and statutes.  We currently are using the services of a company that grew out of an international attorney firm and it provides us with all minor and major changes that may affect our record series and the term for disposition.  Normally there are maybe 1-3 major changes per year in our terms for disposition. I want to be confident that we have the most current record retention schedule.  It is too burdensome to capture this activity in house as there are many states, provinces etc. involved and thousands of laws and statutes.  We are looking for an alternative solution. Does anyone have any input regarding a solution or service?  Thank you!

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I highly recommend you speak to a company named Provatect ( in Toronto.  They can assist with this and likely at less cost than an international law firm.  Ask for Jason and just mention that I’m the guilty party for sending you his way

I am interested to hear what others are doing as well. My retention schedule is overdue to be updated and as we continue to acquire companies the need is there to ensure that we are catching any/all changes. Historically, we’ve used a consulting firm – Montaña & Associates, but that was before my time and I’m always looking for better options. Thanks.

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Zasio routinely offers this type of service and we would be happy to speak to you about your needs/questions, and how we may be able to support. If you are interested in speaking with us, feel free to reach out to me at soo.kang@… or (208) 375-8299.

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