Recommendations for a backfile conversion in California

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I have a potential client for a backfile conversion project in Santa Ana California. They are a museum so they have some valuable and outsized documents they need scanned – volumes are low – maybe a few 100,000’s – anyone have recommendations of companies who could help with this project? 

Martyn Christian Inc 

Hi Martyn, 
What sort of help? 


They just finished a job for the San Luis Obispo Assessor office. Excellent work. 1.2 million pages of hard to read assessor files. 

Porter-Roth Associates 


Ripcord  would be a great solution for this project. We are headquartered right in Hayward, California, so their documents would never even need to leave the state. Our robots scan paper of all different sizes and paper types and can handle extremely fragile content without damaging it.  

My team and I would love to discuss this project more with you. Please reach out to me at Brooke@… to learn more! 




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