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My company is beginning to create an organization for business process management, records and document management, ECM, BI and project management. Currently, most of these functions are handled within each line of business or are not addressed at all. We are beginning to create an organization that all these functions would fall under.

At this point the structure we have in place is one Business Process Analyst that also manages our Document Management department which reports to the CIO. We will be hiring a second BPA and will be purchasing an ECM system by year end.

I am wondering what the organizational and reporting structure of this area looks like in other businesses but would be especially interested in the structure within financial institutions.

Thank you for your feedback.

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I have personally not yet seen an organization of mid-size or larger that has all those functions grouped together into a single org unit (from a managerial level that is, not at an executive level since many functions typically get aggregated up to that level) and I have worked for a fair number of organizations ranging from small to MNC’s.

I could see those functions potentially within a couple of units, and possibly even 3. The most notable standout from the others, for me, is project management which is almost always it’s own unit as a ‘PMO’.


In a large insurance company I was working in recently, at Business Unit was responsible for keeping the Business Process up to date and there was a central ECM Team who did the IT element.
The IT unit had a Project Management group for Projects; A Service Management group for managing running applications and a Subject Matter Expert group doing all the R&D; IT Architecture; Best Practice; Internal New Project Request Responses etc. That seemed to work

Workflow Automation Ltd

One of the partners of our consulting firm delivered a presentation to AIIM West a few years ago which addresses some of your questions. 3–AIIM West – Built for Success – Creating an Effective IM Org Structure – 2012 11 08

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