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I am in need of producing a project time line for the SharePoint Record Center. Would anyone happen to have something with the steps involved in getting prepared for the setting up of the Record Center?

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Well, at a very high level, your Gantt would represent:

. Create the Records Center site using the Records Center site template.
. Create record libraries or lists to manage and store each record type that is specified in your file plan (def: A file plan describes the types of documents or items that an organization acknowledges as official business records. It indicates where these records are stored, and it provides information that differentiates one type of record from another). I’m making the assumption you already have this and it is a workable/usable version versus some of the monsters that I have seen in the past. If you DON’T have this, then this is a project all by itself PRIOR to worrying about creating a Records Center in SP.
. Add an associated content type to your libraries and lists so that the content can be appropriately related.
. Create and add site columns to the relevant content types to contain and display the metadata for each record type that is specified in your file plan. Again, here is where having a SIMPLE, hopefully “big bucket” designed file plan really comes into play. Otherwise you will quickly see how this step grows out of reasonable proportion!
. Add an information management policy to a content type on the Records Center site.
. Configure the Content Organizer to route each record type to the appropriate location.

Does that help at all?


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