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During the Federal SIG (Special Interest Group) virtual meeting earlier today, the following question was asked:
Does anyone have a no-cost solution for moving email records from O365 to on prem SharePoint? Love to communicate with you via email 3337lisa.rose@….
We appreciate any thoughts and ideas.


The only no cost option I can think of would be configuring the on prem instance exactly like the O365 instance and then getting a DB dump of the O365 instance and restoring that to on prem.
Other than that anything else is going to have costs associated-hard, soft, or both.


email records still emails in Exchange Online? Or are they already in a SharePoint records center? Everything depends on that answer.

As an Information Management consultant working with SharePoint in the U.S. Federal space, I know more agencies are moving to Office 365 for email management but are keeping SharePoint on prem for now. Assuming that is the case here, then it sounds like they are wanting a way to declare email messages and attachments as records to be managed in a SharePoint records center. (This largely works the same whether both Exchange and SharePoint are on prem, in the cloud, or one in each.)
The only real “free” option I know is to save individual emails and attachments and upload them into a SharePoint Records Center as documents. That works for VERY small workloads, but not for most Federal agencies.
There are a number of third-party Outlook add-ons that let you easily drag and drop emails into pre-defined SharePoint libraries, which can include a records center library. There are also third-party add-ons for SharePoint that add more features for records management. None of them are free.
There is another option if using NARA’s Capstone Approach for determining which emails are records: Email can be sent directly from the server (copied when it comes in or goes out) to a SharePoint records center. It probably helps if your categories (content types and folders) for retention aren’t too complicated, but you can also leverage content organizer features to route to the right retention folders. This is an approach I am investigating more.

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