NFS Cleanup Project – Experience Requested

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I am starting a project to cleanup the Network File Shares, remove ROT and auto-classify remaining content. I have looked at some software packages, StoredIQ and Control Point. I am preparing an RFP for software and services. I thought I would inquire to see if any one else has undertaken a similar project and if they can provide me with some guidance and “words of wisdom”. Hope to hear from the experienced ECM veterans out there.

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I would also recommend you look at Concept Searching. That said, are you also planning to acquire, and move to, some sort of ECM platform? Be it SharePoint, OpenText, OnBase, or other?

If not, I would say that your expenditure on a classification solution is largely going to be wasted as of the day after you do your ‘clean-up run’. Why? Because file shares have no control and therefore the “wild west” will quickly form again.


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