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Hi there ,
for a presentation on ECM collaboration I was trying to think about a song to have playing while people entered the room. any song suggestions? T
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Theme from 2001, Space Odyssey.


a few song selections come to mind:
“Every breath you take” – Police (especially if your program has heavy audit and quality assurance oversight – “I’ll be watching you”)
“It Takes Two” – Rob Base & EZ Rock “Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice (starts off with “Stop, collaborate, and listen”)
“Chariots of Fire” – Vangellis (inspirational sounding)
“Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons (includes the lyrics, “welcome to the new age”)
“Taking Care of Business” – BTO (general work song)
“We are Family” -Pointer sisters


Stairway to Heaven ….
Estes-Express Lines

Why can’t we be friends


Changes by David Bowie
Workflow Solutions Specialis t

What a fun question…and hopefully, presentation. The Beatles’ All Together Now

Anything from REM’s 1999 album “Document.” Perhaps start with “Finest Worksong” to get into the workshop mood?
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Well, maybe not “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” off of REM’s Document, unless it’s tweaked to “It’s the End of the Paper World As We Know It…”
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