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Hi all,
I am looking for some information on tools that will allow us to put some governance into place in the Maximo environment. Have any of you created or purchased tools to allow for compliance especially records retention and legal holds in the Maximo environment? We have gotten feedback from the Maximo group that due to the complexity of workflow we can’t do any disposition or scheduling in the application without breaking something and the back end is proprietary so that adds a layer of difficulty to the mix. I will admit I don’t know the application well but it seems like there should be some governance solution out there that either bolts on or can be configured within to meet compliance needs. Have any of you had to rework workflow in the app to accommodate governance? I look forward to any feedback available.

Cheers, adh

Austin Energy

I think you will find that Svetlana’s company’s approach is the only way to go with IBM Maximo. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a purpose-built way to manage records within Maximo itself. You need to remove the unstructured data elements (content) from Maximo and leave a “stub”.

Now, depending on what your primary document/records management solution is there may be some pre-built options out there. For instance, there are SharePoint connectors as well as FileNet connectors (not too surprising given they are both IBM products). If you are using something else, then you pretty much have to look at building the integration yourself using the Maximo integration framework capability.


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