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Hi Everyone,
I’m on the hunt for a records software solution & hope to get your ideas! My basic criteria are:
. A records software for managing paper files & boxes. NO ELECTRONIC needed (we already have an ECM solution)
. Must auto-assign unique & configurable barcodes to new boxes and files File database entries must include title, classification, and location metadata
. “Locations” that files & boxes can be transferred to/from must be configurable to include offices, people, or shelves at our warehouse
. Must be able to track the locations of files & boxes, with files “following” the boxes they are inside of
. & Must have the lowest-possible initial and on-going $$ costs
If you are aware of a software which could fit, please let me know!

Thanks in advance,


ARC Resources Ltd. – Calgary

I would suggest looking at TAB FusionRMS.


What is your current ECM system? I would suggest looking at configuring a taxonomy and workflows to accommodate before deciding to purchase a new system…a bird in the hand. Is there some constraint? Would it not be ideal to have digital and physical in the same system?
I am not selling anything, but I have done this with OpenText, but work with MFiles and others that I know can handle barcode entry and this type of work. Best of luck!
– IQ Business Group, Inc.

You may want to try either Laserfiche or Docuware. We are using Laserfiche to manage paper records (and some electronic ones), by using scanned container lists as proxy for the actual boxes. Docuware had a similar product, but we chose to go with Laserfiche. They both had a price point that was aimed at small-medium organizations.

The best one I know, is OMNIRim. Unfortunately, it has been decommissioned as of June 2018. OMNIRim allowed trucking of files and boxes, performing bulk updated and input of new files, search for information and searches over and inside the existing quires . It is not clear why it was discontinued and what similar is available now. Regards,


OmniRIM rolled into FileBRIDGE

Texas: Southwest Chapter

Try Opentext ( opentext.com ). Many solutions that can meet your request.

Portfolio – ROM (Report & Output Management)

OT is the exact, polar, OPPOSITE of low cost.


LOL Lorne…exactly what I was about to say! 🙂

Again, if you have a system in place, before investing in something new, put a program in place to leverage that.

@Will Wood – I wonder what the constraint is from utilizing your current ECM? If it is OpenText, MFIles, Laserfiche, or most any of the major or minor players (except maybe SharePoint) I would honestly give that a fair shake before bringing on yet another piece of software.

IQ Business Group, Inc.

FileTrail Records Management (for physical records).

Texas: Southwest Chapter

Zasio has exactly the type of physical records tracking software you described, and offers three tiers to suit your budget and requirements.

Let me know if you would like to learn more.

Best regards,

Zasio Enterprises Inc

Thanks for all your great input, everyone!

Lorne: Thanks for suggesting TAB FusionRMS. It’s definitely on my list. I actually worked for TAB awhile back and still have some good relationships there that would definitely be of help.

Richard: I totally agree with you… Always best to leverage what you have before buying new tools. Unfortunately, my current tool (OmniRIM PRM) is soon to be discontinued, and SharePoint (our main e-records repository) doesn’t have the functionality I need… that I know of (?).

Joseph: Thanks for suggesting Laserfiche & Docuware. I’ll definitely take a look!

Alex & Ritch: I have looked into FileBRIDGE, and although it has the functionality I need it also has many ECM & e-storage capabilities I don’t need, along with a bigger price tag than OmniRIM. 🙁 But I’ll definitely be looking at FileTrail!

Warren: I’ll definitely be in touch with you in the new year to get more info on Zasio.

Thanks again! A

ARC Resources Ltd., Calgary

You’re welcome. Note that SharePoint DOES have some physical records tracking capabilities natively. They’re not great unfortunately. However, since you’ve revealed that SP is your main eRecords platform, there are some VERY capable 3rd party addons that can greatly expand and deepen SP’s records capability. If you want to contact me offline I can recommend and refer.


Will: Why not use your ECM package to have and enter the limited data you need if it allows this for a special classification code or some other field. Then create or get from your bar code vendor a printer to print the bar code (multiple copies if needed) and return the bar code data to your ECM showing you have the bar code for a specific box and its location to your ECM for a one central place cataloguing.

When you need the data you have just one place to go.

Any questions, you are welcome to contact me.

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