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Hi there.

I am wondering whether there might be job opportunities in this field. I am a qualified Records and Information Manager holding an AIIM professional membership for over 5 years now. I am based in South Africa, interested in getting a job outside of South Africa.

I am looking to share my knowledge and learn new things as part of growth.

I am willing to relocate.
1. Europe
2. North Americ
3. Africa

Not only limited to this continents looking forward to any useful feedback. Please respond to 73ngwanaphalamamore@… (my private e-mail address.

Kind regards

South African Reserve Bank

@Margaret More — definitely check out AIIM’s Job Center. In addition to searching through open positions, members can also post their resumes at no charge.

Hope this helps!


Definitely check out the AIIM board as Jessica suggests, just be aware that it is highly US-centric. So, your odds of finding anything not in the US are very limited. And, obviously, with the current federal administration in the US, immigration is decidedly more….challenging….than it used to be ;).



Margaret, please check all the websites for the Federal Reserve Banks in the U.S. You can access them through the FRB Atlanta website.

Mark Andersen | Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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