Help please! Any experiences in helping small businesses manage photos?

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They don’t have the need/appetite for an expensive Digital Asset Management System but need something that allows team based collaboration. Google photos seems to be great for an individual’s photo collection but not in a team environment. Has anyone got experiences with any solutions and could indicate the pros and cons and approx. cost? As a guide they would not be looking to spend anywhere near £7000 (as one solution cost). Their initial phase is to concentrate on the photos used for marketing but it could be expanded to other photo types down the line.

Any help/pointers appreciated. I have also posted this on the AIIM LinkedIn Discussion group, so apologies if repeating myself!


One option would be one of the “simpler DAM” products that run on top of MS Azure. Obviously, since they are Azure based, they are subscription so avoid the capex issue altogether. And also obviously offer significant scalability due to Azure horsepower. There are similar offerings for AWS, of course.

Another option is SharePoint media services through Office 365. Again subscription, provides collaboration, and is scalable.

Just a couple of ideas.

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There are a number of approaches you can take here although each of them starts with cleaning the initial set of media, removing duplicates, and providing basic tags. How many pieces of media do they have?

Formats used? GB/TB of data? With respect to their usage – are they office based? Distributed? Mobile?

Here’s a simple solution for a small business:
1 – Processed, de-duplicated, organised, converted, base meta-tagged photo library (70K assets)
2 – Established ingest process for all new additions using SharePoint as they’re using Office365
3 – Library stored in OneDrive account for all to access (read only)

* Selective sync for core libraries (e.g. marketing, sales, etc.)
* Universal availability
* Built into what they’re already using

The overall process stays the same regardless of environment – just some of the services and approaches may be different. Hope this helps with some direction – feel free to reach out if you’d like to talk more.
Help please!

Hi Fiona,

I would support the suggestion from Eiren, Office 365 gives you the option of a picture library in the Team environment (accessible by all) and is probably the most effective and cheapest option.

As Eiren says you will need to clean up what you’ve got and classify it to stop the recreation of duplicates

Hope this helps Regards

Lesley Holmes

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