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Hi All,
I am wondering if there are templates or guides available to help with developing user personas or end user personification during the start phase of a requirements gathering exercise?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, Well… for different organization there are differents needs and different users.. So the best practice, for my opinion, is to adjust the content of the information managment system for each dipartment by common structure + adjust for individual user ,as much the system can give. This is the first step for good implementaion.

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Thanks for replying, to focus my question more, I am looking for guides on creating user personas or end user personification in particular to help better understand the user base.

Minter ellison

Hi, It is hard to believe that there is some guids like that…
But, maybe you should try to learn about UI/UX methods.
This should give you the user point of view.

Good luck!

You could look at some of the tools out there that help you create not only the personas, but the full journey mapping (and more!) such as Smaply and Xtensio. In MY opinion Xtensio is a more mature product and quite a bit more fully featured, especially if you are working as part of a cross-functional team to do the development.


Ah ,very handy, Xtensio presents some very nice persona templates, thanks for the share Lorne !

minter ellison

No problem 🙂


OK, in the spirit of sharing, some colleagues forwarded these to me, I have a fairly complete picture of the process now.
Thanks for all the replies!
How To Create UX Personas

How To Create UX Personas http://uxmastery.com In this video, Gregg Bernstein describes how to perform basic user research, turn that research into personas to inform your design decisions, and get everybody in your team on board with using them. Check our more UX techniques
at http://uxmastery.com/techniques View this on YouTube >

An introduction to personas and how to create them
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An introduction to personas and how to create them
Before embarking on any intranet or website design project, it is important to understand the needs of your users. It is then possible to identify the features and functionality that will make the intranet or website a success, and how the design can support users with different goals and levels of skill.
View this on Step Two >
How-to Guide for Creating Intranet User Personas | ThoughtFarmer Blog

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How-to Guide for Creating Intranet User Personas | ThoughtFarmer Blog
When an intranet team builds a new intranet or revamps a site’s navigation their primary goal is to help a diverse group of employees do their jobs more easily. But questions quickly arise: How do you know what information employees need? How do you understand users’ core motivations and goals? View this on ThoughtFarmer >

James Stoffell MinterEllison

Hi James,
Thanks much for sharing the links as these links are very much helpful. In addition, I thank others who have replied in this discussion thread as well for sharing information to learn about UI/UX design process… Great!

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