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Looking for feedback from the community in terms of experiences (good, bad, and ugly) with any of the following SharePoint addons for EDM (Engineering Document Management), Doc Control, CAD integration and related functionality:

. Cadac Organice
. AutoVue
. Agtiv Pulz
. ProjectReady
. Compass

How well did the solution work for your engineering, doc control, CAD folks, engineering partners, construction partners, etc.



I cant advise as we are starting the same discussion but:

Viewpoint and Autodesk vault should probably be on your list too.

Thanks Richard. The reason they’re not on the list is that I’m specifically looking for feedback on solutions that sit within/on top of, SharePoint. And those, like tons of others, don’t.


I just started looking into Bentley’s ProjectWise CONNECT. I can share those findings in a week or two if it helps any.

HBR Consulting

Thanks Craig.


Hi Everyone,
I have heard Autocad BIM is the best solution for CAD files but not certain how it intergrates with sharepoint.

Perhaps add that to your research?

Thanks Tammy. Unfortunately, BIM is about both more, and less, than EDM specifically.


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