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ECM VENDORS I’d be really interested in your definition of a “Full ECM Suite”.



Oh, that’s easy, I just go with the definitions from Gartner and Forrester 🙂

Hi Jeffery,

Personally I would add Nuxeo to that list – and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and RFP in detail. Just drop me a line.

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Budget is part of the issue (congrats!) but as others have implied, you must have clearly articulate requirements for the system. Having an approved budget for an ECM system is only part of the battle. What do you want it to do out of the box? What do you need it to do? Do you have a division that is piloting this initiative where you will have some very engaged managers and end-users – that will go a long way.

Also, I would recommend you look to implementation partners rather than vendors. The vendor will tell you their product is going to do EVERYTHING you want and competitors can’t do this or that. If you look for solicitations from consulting and implementation partners they will be more objective and would come back to you with the vendor they think fit best to your need.


IQ Business Group, Inc.

I would also add M-Files to the list. Another vendor that is making in-roads into the ECM market is Box. Depending on your requirements, this could be a good option that may make user acceptance a bit easier

Use the list that procurement has prepared which includes the major vendors and the integratrators who already notified JEA that they had interest. Unless you are completely rewriting the RFP for other purposes. THe list that procurment has is very complete and to exclude people who expressed interest will result in immediate disputes, which i assume your boss wants to avoid.

Thank you for all the input,
1 I noticed that ELO Digital Office ( is not included in the list. But it should!
2 ELO is a Federal, State and Local Government supplier, has full scalability and has attractive license options. CAPEX or OPEX is available.
3 ELO is certified with e.g. FDA and other standards.
4 It’s definitely worthwhile looking at ELO if you want to have a future proof system with global support.

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jeff; also don’t forget that beside the vendor list Lorne shard you need the list of resellers/integratrors who wouold be doing the actual work, and you need to get your organization prepared for the project, or the responses will be VERY generic and you will be faced with multiple change orders for any work that you didn’t specifically request.

DocuWare is the system we use and also are a value added re-seller for – it has been around over 20 years and while it is comparable to the more pricey systems cost of ownership is a lot less. I would be happy to introduce you to the product and give you pricing comparisons.

doc2e-file Inc.

My pick is Laserfiche. Check it out, you can’t go wrong.
I happy to discuss further with my AIIM community.


in which industry are you working? We are currently in the same process and have a longlist of approximately 12 vendors, most of which have a strong track record in Life Sciences.

We have issued the Gartner Report on ECM solutions, which has been our baseline for the longlist.

How far along are you with the user Requirements? Will youattach a detailed version to the RfP?

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Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH

This community rocks! Love the info being shared here–these are some strong suggestions from people who know their stuff. Jeff–also check out the Buyers’ Guide, you can drill down by certain tech or business needs too:



To be clear, in the short list I put up, I included only the most mainstream, general vendors that can make a solid claim to a “full ECM suite” capability and would be able to show they could scale up to the indicated 2200+ staff or more type of range. Well, plus SharePoint. But, I did qualify the entry of SharePoint by saying it would need multiple addons. And that only because of the sheer market penetration in most corners of the globe.

Obviously there are lots of others I didn’t include either because they are more specialized, niche solutions (such as for Life Sciences), or because they aren’t full suite solutions. An obvious example would be Dropbox. Dropbox is not an ECM solution (much as their marketing staff would like it to be!). It is an EFSS (Enterprise File Sync & Share). Nuxeo, M-Files and quite a few others would be amongst these.

Thank you for the help everyone.


The list really depends on what sort of investment level your organization is able/willing to expend. For example, the investment required for OpenText (which is pretty much king of the hill) for all aspects from licensing, to hardware required, to professional services hard costs, to internal staff assignment to the initiative, are very substantially higher than if you’re looking at Laserfiche (just as an example).

So, in order to help you: what sort of general budget range?

Thank you for the help.

OK, in that case, you could look at (in my opinion):

  • OpenText

  • IBM FileNet

  • Hyland OnBase

  • SharePoint (but, with multiple additional 3rd party addons to achieve reasonable parity with the larger suites)

  • Laserfiche

  • Alfresco

  • Newgen

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