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Hi all, In part of my investigation into ECM requirements for my org, I want to send an institution-wide information gathering survey. I know I can’t get everything I need and that I cannot completely match every staff member. But I have a few questions in mind, such as:

* How much of your job depends on finding information to complete tasks assigned to you?
* Where are the first places you look for XXXXXX information (I plan on asking this for the various types of information in our organization)
* In your daily routine, how much time do you spend preparing to save information and documents in a place that is accessible to those who need it.
* What systems do you use when you are collaborating with others?

I would like to see if anyone else has conducted such a survey. If you would not mind sharing the successes or pitfalls of certain questions or strategies in doing this, I would love to hear it. Or even if you could share a sample of your survey, I would love to see what sort of questions you asked and how you worded them.

Thanks for your help in advance! Once I have done this survey, I will share what I am sure will be an eye opening and likely somewhat humbling experience.


Hi I’ve just done a survey across a client organisation. We kept it to 10 questions: About your work at the YYY

-How long have you been at the YYY (or one of itspredecessors):
* Lessthan a year
* 1-3years
* 3-5years
* Morethan 5 years

-What kind of work do you currently do mostoften:
* Dept Acases
* Dept Bprojects (phase 1 and 2)
* Dept Ccases (phase 1 and 2)
* Othertypes of projects or cases
* Project/casesupport and advisory (e.g. PMO, comms, economic advice)
* Non-project work (e.g. HR, Finance, Exec office,PA)

About EDRM

– Do you have experience with EDRM systems?
* No

-How do you think EDRM will affect you and yourwork:
* Itwill make doing my job harder
* Itwon’t affect me
* Itwill make doing my job easier

Please can you explain youranswer:[ ]

-What (if any) benefits do you think EDRM willgive the YYY(please tick all that apply):
Greatercontrol over who has access to our documents and records
Staffwill spend less time searching for (and not always finding) documents
Newjoiners will learn our filing systems and be productive faster
Itwill be easier to review, revise and approve documents
Morecollaboration across the YYY
Bettermanagement of projects and cases
Moreconfidence that we have a compliant, robust way of storing documents
Nosignificant benefits
Other- please explain:[ ]

-Working with documents
Roughly what proportion of your time is spentcreating, reviewing, revising, storing and finding documents (Word, Excel, PDF,Powerpoint…):
Afew minutes a day
Anhour a day 2-3hours a day
Abouthalf my time
Mostof my time
Virtually all of my time

-Where do you spend most of your time withdocuments:
Old EDRM system
MyH: drive
TheG: drive
Other (please specify)
When looking for documents do you mostly:
Browsethrough folders until I find it
Usethe search function

-When you have had to find one of yourcolleagues’ documents, how confident were you that it was the latest version?
Icouldn’t find the document at all and had to wait for them to get back fromholiday
Notvery confident – I found several copies in different places (email, G: etc),so I used the most recent one I could find
Prettyconfident – I found several versions in one folder, and used the most recent
Confident- they followed our naming convention so I knew which one was the latest

-How confident are you that your colleagues wouldbe able to easily find your work if you left the YYY?
Theyare more likely to find a winning lottery ticket than one of my documents!
Theymay need to get access to my H: and email first, but my filing isn’t toobad
Prettyconfident – most things are stored in shared areas
Confident- I follow good practice with storing and naming documents

Sorry, the numbering go screawed up.

These are excellent questions… I am in a similar process of completely revamping our records management program. Some questions I have come up with (that I am not 100% decided on) are:

What types of records/documents are in your workspace. Financial reports, Procedure document, blue prints, permits, reference manuals, books (looking for additional items here).

If you had to pack up your entire workspace today, how many of the large banker boxes would you need (12x10x24)? Less than 5; 6-10; 11-15; Greater than 15

What % of your information could be digital (internet, email, sharepoint, DocuXplorer)

What % of your information IS digital?

In your own words, describe the role of records management in a company.

On a department level, what can records management do to help you better do your job?

What is some information that is not available, but would be highly useful/effective in your job?

Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative MI

See attached file for examples of questions that I used when performing ECM analysis on groups within ConocoPhillips. Most of the questions were allowed multiple choice answers.

ConocoPhillips Houston

My experience has been that open-ended questions, and questions about “how much time do you spend….”, have the lowest usable response value.

To attempt to combat this, what I have done (disclaimer: with some mixed success), is to try to first ask how much time they would spend finding a single document stored in repository x for purpose z. Then asking if they search regularly/consistently for 1-3, 4-9, 10-19, 20-35, 35+ documents/content items most working days. That way I can concatenate and calculate figures that might actually be within atom-bomb distances of reality ;))

Open-ended questions I try to save for small, very specific target groups where I believe the majority of respondents work in roles that require an enhanced level of explanatory/illustrative communication.


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