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Metropolitan is planning to implement an ECM solution. The approach is to do the implementation in phases. The Human Resources Group is planned to be in the first wave of implementation . I am looking for someone who has had a successful ECM implementation to discuss their challenges and successes. I am hoping there are such candidates out there?
Looking forward to a response.

Well, you’re likely to find numerous definitions of what constitutes “successful” out there! 🙂

However, if you like, I can spend a bit of time chatting. Would help though if you had some reasonably specific questions to help guide to the things you need the most help with or are most concerned about.

Let me know.



1. What type of documents did the implementation address:
A. Documents internal to HR, only.
1. Memos
2. Skype messages
3. Employee files
B. Documents used throughout the organization
I. Employee evaluations
2. Merit Increases
3. Employee relation doucments
C. Both

2. What percentage of HR was implemented in the “first round.”.

3. Did you perform back file conversion.
A. Full OCR?

4. Was HR happy with the implementation?

5. Can we discuss the implementation?

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

You can ping me directly at: 3Lrogers@….


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