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Hi All!
So I’ve been asked to draft out a document management plan for a large infrastructure project. This will include managing drawings, specs, environmental, 3rd party coordination (such as utilities), etc. I’m looking to see if anyone has any suggestions on resources that I can use.

Thank you in advance!

What type of resources are you meaning?


Are you seeking a project management tool recommendation?

If so, I have used Mavenlink in the past, and it is pretty intuitive. You can track budgets, create timelines with the GANTT chart feature, assign tasks to team members, include stakeholders in discussion – both internal and external, and you can also upload your assets like drawings, specs, etc..

Hope this helps. I also recently picked up a book that could be useful .. it is a quick read and is pretty affordable: Going Paperless: A must-have guide for organizations planning to go paperless and for enterprise content management (ECM) initiatives
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Going Paperless: A must-have guide for organizations planning to go paperless and for enterprise content management (ECM) initiatives
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We also just purchased this book. I found it ironic that it is not available as a PDF only paper.

Newport News Department of Public Utilities

Virginia, I thought the same thing. 🙂


Going paperless means more than merely rendering printed pages in digital format. The need/opportunity to leverage machine-readable data standards should also be taken into account.

See &

Sounds fun, but then I started my career as a librarian so fun is in the eye of the beholder.

To your question, if its a project do you need to manage documents by project phase (if Waterfall) or by Sprint (if Agile)? Do you have any security constraints–if you have external stakeholders should some or all of the material not be shared with them? Are any of the artifacts being produced going to be final products that live beyond the life of the project? What are your document management options–fileshares, DMS, a Sharepoint teamsite?

I think the first question drives how you proceed–if it document management by phase/sprint then you’ve got a structure mostly in place. Or, you could approach it by type of document–process flows are different then tech specs are different then UI wireframes are different then non-functional requirements. Or, you could break it apart by feature and within that break it down by type or even producer of the document–not necessarily by named producer, but by the role they fill within the project.

project Based on working for project-based companies, my experience is that the Doc Mgmt Plan is part of the Project Plan, a deliverable. As I cannot share actual document, I suggest doing a Google search for “document management plan construction project” will provide you with good examples or templates.


I would be happy to speak with you regarding a document management plan for a large infrastructure project. We have many large development companies that use our cloud based document management solution for very large scale developments that include all of what you are mentioning. Our solution is being used to manage the documentation for the Hudson Yards $20b development in NYC and has been used for the new World Trade Center site as well. I am not sure I can provide an actual plan for you but happy to share our knowledge about the users needs.

Feel free to reach out – mcipriano@… or 630-279-0577 x122.
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From what you have told us, I recommend something like what I created for RasGas a few years ago. It is one of those things which was thinking outside the box and based on the AIIM IOA rating (everything is now CIP).

I used the idea of a process flow and anthology it incorporated the concept of a drill down and drop down menu system.

The concept allows you to get the design of your information system worked out and approved then you can develop the system with SharePoint. If you don’t have SharePoint, then if will help with the restructuring of the share drives.

At first people were concerned I was off my rocker until I showed then the initial design. I used VISIO for development the following are examples for your information, A picture is truly worth a thousand words the following three can be a time saver, feel free to email me with any more questions.
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