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We are in the process of evaluating document management systems.  Currently, we use OpenText eDocs 16.4.  It has been suggested iManage would be a better platform.  We have always been an eDocs office going back to SoftSolutions.  While I am not opposed to the conversion, I would like more information on both.  Is there anyone who can recommend a consultant who has experience with both? 

Thank you. 

Hemenway & Barnes LLP 


Of course, you know that is going to precipitate more questions, right?  😉 
What is eDocs not giving you?  If you have a system as robust as that for as long as you have it really makes me curious as to why you are thinking of switching. 
eDocs is a bit lightweight compared to the OT Content Server suite, but it still has a wealth of modules being in the same family…iManage will market the legal niche because it has found a sweet-spot, but I am not seeing anything from them that would inspire me to move off of a OT platform. Migrations can be very expensive to implement but there are a lot of other training and other costs…hidden costs from not knowing the new system…I’m not trying to sell you eDocs, heck, there are a lot of things that I hate about it…but a bird in the hand so to speak. 
Could you be more specific?…feel free to reach out offline if thats easier. 


IQ Business Group, Inc. 

Everyone has a “Favourite” system most people will recommend based on small understanding of a feature, visual or concept of what a system can provide, or due to a friend saying “it for them and was easier”, not having all the system information. Why do you need another system or new one.? 

Many new systems seem faster, easier and cheaper until you examine functions like for like, not to mention the migration out/out of systems. Back end architecture, alignment and setup of taxonomies, all the parties in the company to provide user requirements and alignment, UAT testing, verification of the data for migration. Usually in reviewing these processes, you will find the users are not using the system to the fullest extend (require training) and or many files have been kept (duplication) that require clean up, archival and/or retention. I would know these first: 

1) Is your current system meeting all the business requirements? 

1b) Do you have all the business requirements from each unit to ensure the system meets their needs 

2) Why was the iManage recommended (ask the recommend-er – what features appealed to them.) 

2a) Is the recommender trained on the current system Edocs enough to know all the features is provides (usually) they are not aware your system can do the same thing? 

3) Then compare the recommenders wish list to Edocs to see if the features are available (if you do not have the same features contact your Edocs Rep to see if they can be made available). 

4) Edocs contract have a migration out policy with costs associated to map the taxonomy and files out? 

4b) Do you have the staff and time allotted to plan road map and perform that work? 

4c) Is it budgeted in? 

Good luck! 

Well, Tammy was kind enough to save my fingers additional wear and tear from typing out pretty much exactly the same thoughts and questions! 




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