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Is anyone aware of a standards body, professional organization, etc. that has best practice, role-based process flow diagrams for Document Control available for download or purchase?

Even better if they also incorporated document types by phase within a major capital project, handover and operating the asset subsequently.

I have the process control framework for Petroleum upstream, and I know of USPI for a handover standard.

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When you say “document control” do you mean specifically the relatively standardized flow used for management of EPC content?


If your use of EPC is engineer, procure and construct, yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Document Control is sufficiently significant in our world that it is a defined, staffed, full-time position referred to as a Document Controller. It’s a librarian for physical and electronic documents, and it’s a coordinator of large volumes of content between third party engineering design firms, construction companies and a company like ours, the owner/operator of a physical asset, like an offshore oil or natural gas production platform or a natural gas central gathering facility.

The Controller among other things distributes for example bid packages from vendors to our engineers, who provide feedback by marking up engineering drawings and the Controller collects that feedback and provides it back to the vendors. That’s one process of many. We have processes for our offshore business, but I’m seeking process maps that are a best practice for example, as our onshore and midstream businesses don’t need the robust processes found within offshore. Onshore and midstream require something simpler, and I am hoping to find something from the outside world to begin those conversations.

Texas: Southwest Chapter


OK, now that I know we’re both speaking the same language (I’m familiar with the EPC Doc Control realm), there’s a couple of things I can suggest that might help:
. Attached is a cleansed version of a multi-level process breakdown for Doc Control I did for a client specifically in the EPC (major projects) division. This may not be detailed enough for your purposes, but it might be a reasonable jump start. .
. You can also take a look at APQC’s MosaiQ and MosaiQ Accelerator. It’s not a pre-built artifact, but again, may serve as a place to start as you can engage APQC’s resources to help you. Hopefully this can help you a bit.


Hi As a Professional Information Management Lead in the Mining industry in Canada, I can say document control proper and records are two different entities. I don’t know of any courses for document control in North America, but am willing to discuss with you.
The realm of document control has many facets and my team and I are always simplifying, refining and engaging with engineering to allow for all of the change that follows a major capital project as it moves through it’s phases to operation.

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