Content and Information Management Framework/Maturity Model Call for Participants

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The industry is at the start of major changes reminiscent of when ECM was starting. There are steps your organizatio is probably taking and should take to make sure it stays focused and gets the most out of your technologies and processes during these disruptive times without adversely impacting business.

AIIM is beginning a new document development effort and we need end users who are interested in and willing to share ideas and tips to address the current trends. For example, your organization may already be dealing with the shift from technology buyers to business buyers and from ‘Systems of Record’ to ‘Systems of Understanding’. We can learn from each other so we would like to include the lessons you have learned along the way in this document to help other organizations.

Our first document will address and provide a framework or maturity model for keeping your content and information management strategies aligned to address the industry changes over the next year so you won’t fall behind. If you are interested in participating in this group, please send an email to Betsy Fanning at 3bfanning@… or reply to this discussion. We will meet virtually several times to discuss related topics. There will be some brief writing exercises for everyone. We will be trying to develop this document over 5 or 6 meetings and some email. Participants will be acknowledged in the document. We look forward to developing this new document with your help which we would like to start working on in the next few weeks.

i am interested as well and wrapped up a similar project just last fall.

Thank you,

Eberle Media & Consulting

I would also be interested. Perhaps I can contribute my sometimes maverick ideas ;).


I am interested in taking part as well.

Hello an excellent opportunity. I’d definitely like to take part in this.

Knowledge & Information Services serving social purpose organizations

I would be interested in participating.


I am interested. Seeing enterprise view of documents increasingly important..
e pearce

Paragon Digital Imaging

I am very interest in this project, and willing to help in any way. Over the large number of years that I have been working in this area I have seen a lot of change. Over the last 5 years and currently the changes in ECM and the management of content has become main stream with organizations looking for the business value of information and managing information as an asset. With the addition of Content Analytics, Cognitive Analytics with or without AI is changing information and e-Records management. Let me know how I can help.

Rawson Group LLC ed@

Dear Betsy having been the principal developer of both a Framework and a Maturity model for a major Natural Oil and gas company in the UAE I can assure you that you need to have a framework and a maturity model. I received my Masters rating from AIIM London in BPM and have always believed in the methodology of BPM as the Umbrella for all management systems.

I am passing off to you a little taste of where you wish to go to give you a small head start. It took two years to develop my Best Practice Process Management System. As a Professional member of AIIM.and a true believer in BPM as the basis for all management systems you are welcome to review the following as a starting point for your project. TQM Services is my website and a great place to see what else is needed.

BPPMS was 100% successful but understand this is not and easy task there were many obstacles as many MIDDLE MANAGEMENT staff were not happy with the effort and possible finding however in the long run they learned it was a short term effort for a long term reward.

I am happy to answer any question about this project you may have. Also you can speak with Angela Hymas ot AIIM London.

I have used the ECM3 maturity model extensively in Latin America for several types of industries. I am interested in taking part of this group. Thank you!

If there is interest in doing so, I will be happy to render in StratML Part 2, Performance Plan or Report (ANSI/AIIM 22-2017) format any “framework” or maturity model that may result from this initiative.

Doing so would enable any organization to apply the framework/model simply by adding its own stakeholders, roles, and performance indicators and tracking the results.

See, for example, the “Turn this plan into a performance report” link at

It would be good if the model/framework addresses the concept of “strategic alignment.” See that bulleted section at the bottom of page 2 at

If I can bring some value from my experience, I am happy to lend it. We have found that we need to educate our buyers and end users on how new technology tools lead to asking different questions of their content/data aggregation projects. That coupled with agile development/project management leads to traditional problems being solved faster with greater success. Happy to expand on this if we find it useful.

I would be interested in joining in to this activity too, both from a privacy perspective and a change management one if I can add value Cheers

I would be interested in being a part of this activity as


Good afternoon, I would be interested in assisting also.

I would be interested in joining the endeavor as well. Looking forward to the collaborative effort.


I would be very interested in joining this group to participate in helping to develop the maturity model.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Happy to join the group
Best Wishes, S

Hello Betsy, I would be very interested in contributing to this project in some way.

I’m interesting in contributing to this project.


Monarch InfoTech Services (MITS)

Looks like you have tons of folks willing to help, but I’d be interested as well. We are starting the process right now of moving much of our process work on content design and management from a SharePoint ECM to an XML-based content management system (and LCMS in our case.) It is a major change effort as it will significantly effect our processes as well as systems.

Thanks for considering.

Center for Creative Leadership

Pls. count me in. Would be happy to share and be part of this activity.

I would like to join this group as well.
Caterpillar, Inc.

please keep me posted for such update… thanks,

I am interested in participating.

America First Federal Credit Union

I am interested. best regards,

I am interested in participating.
Armedia LLC

I’m interested in participating.
Thank you ,

I’m very interested in the project and I hope will be able to bring some ideas. Kind regards

I am interested.

Hi Betsy, I would also like to join this group. Thank you!

Hi Betsy,
I’d like to contribute to this group. Tks. in advance.

Hi Betsy, I’d be happy to contribute to the group.

I am also interested if you are still looking for people.

This project should be in the standards program unless this is a marketing document AIIM wants developed at no cost and desires to sell.

As AIIM is no longer associated with the standards program which is moving to another organization, wouldn’t this effort be of greater value if it was done following ANSI procedures for creating and developing a document such as this? With the entire standards group moving out of AIIM, AIIM no longer has the expertise to do this, except by trying to gather some folks together and hope you have sufficient industry “spread” of expertise to develop the needed documents.

The ECM standards program is well suited to help coordinate this with all volunteers, but at least the result of the effort will be more than just an article writtern by AIIM, as they are no longer certified to develop/write/produce standardized papers, standards, best practices following ANSI procedures, so this report won’t have any more value than any written by any organization out there who got a large group of people togther to work on it. Having an accredited team work on something like this only makes sense. Spending large amounts of time to write a paper for AIIM to sell which has no ANSI or industry acceptance that occurs when the standards program ensures adequate industry representation doesn’t make sense. Something like this should be done by the standards team.

I would encourage everyone to ask Betsy about where the standards program is moving and how AIIM will work (if at all) with the new standards program.

The AIIM recommended practice #1 (“the guidelines”) is finishing a major update that will reflect the current state of the industry and how the current technology suites work and function. I strongly encourage those who have interest in these documents to begin/continue monitoring the standards program at our new home, and participating when possible the standards work that is ongoing. To join the committees, contact me or betsy. the program has hundreds of resources that are active and continued end user support is critical along with that from the vendors. Most of the vendors are already participating in the program and will be moving over as well, so please consider as it would enable the team to prepare a much more comprehensive document tapping into the massive database of expertise the standards program has.

P.S. the AIIM standards program (now defunct with AIIM) has moved and anyone interested in ECM industry standards and best practices should absolutely contact Betsy to participate. As the committee chair for 3 of the committees (Advanced Data Storage, Trustworthy Document Management, and Implementation Guidelines. You can also contact me directly.

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