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Dear AIIM Members
I am interested to hear from organisations on some of the techniques that have been deployed to de-mystify the records retention schedule. What are some of the approaches for communicating a clear and concise schedule. For example, publishing an online version on the company intranet that can be filtered per business function or role/position so information workers can easily find what’s applicable to their team or position within the organisation. Keen to hear about some innovative ideas.

We use our intranet site to provide the retention schedule, we also provide information and educate staff by writing articles for our company’s monthly newsletter. Another program we initiated was appointing and training record liaisons from each department, asking their assistance with disseminating records information to their respective departments. Also, as we automate processes using our document management system (which has our retention schedule built in), it brings opportunity to discuss record(s) retention specific to the process we are automating.

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I would say Kathy covered most of the practical ways. Her last point though, for me, is the MOST important. Anything you can do to NOT have to communicate the schedule, or how to understand it, or how to apply it, is the BEST option. Automate, automate, automate. The ECM/RM platforms that are out there today can, with a bit of genuine thinking, be configured and used in a way that abstracts the RS from the users the large majority of the time.


Hello Andy,
In addition to the fine tips already posted, I’d like to add a few more successes:

1. Key Word Searchable retention schedule – helped users find their records if listed as example/record types
2. Place a link to your RIM website/SharePoint site in your internal e-mail signature block
3. Place a link to your retention schedule in your internal e-mail signature block
4. Host a 30 minute RIM Overview via SKYPE for Business or Live Meeting on a regular basis (ex: first and third Thursdays at 11 AM). Use this to demonstrate your RIM page, schedule location and use, training tools, etc.

I have had users thank me for tips 2 and 3 when they just can’t remember where to look for our RIM site. They usually remember the records teams’ names, thus go back and locate one of our messages!

Good Luck
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