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Hi –
Can anyone recommend software that will clean up filenames prior to a Sharepoint upload? I’m hoping to find something that will:

Remove illegal characters, including single periods
Truncate long filenames

I’ve found something called SharePrep which does most of the illegal character cleanup, but it will only clean up double periods (as opposed to single periods), and it only works on local drives – not cloud-based drives.


Hi, DocAve File System Migrator can do this, and a GREAT deal more to help you migrate to SP whether you are on prem or O365.

That said, if you are JUST needing to cleanse file names, and don’t want the other capabilities of this sort of tool, you could likely accomplish just the cleansing using some powershell scripts.

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IS this meant to be a one time batch conversion or are you looking to have this done in real time.

It could be as simple as writing a short script that changes the the name, creates a log and moves the files with the original name to a temporary hold folder until your comfortable everything is working right.

This is for both pre-migration prep and, in a perfect world, cleanup of what’s already been dumped into SharePoint. I realize what’s already up there might be a lost cause, but I at least want to try to make the best of what hasn’t been uploaded yet.

Will talk to my IT guy about scripts – not my area of expertise. 🙂

Thanks for the suggestions, I will check into all of it!

There is a pretty good blog post out there that summarizes managing the issues involved with file migrations into SharePoint/OneDrive for Business:

It includes links to tools that can help scan/remediate illegal character and long path length issues.

I have personal experience with Sharegate for both identifying issues and remediating them both before and after copying. There are lots of commercial tools in this space, but they do carry licensing costs.

If your internal powershell experts are looking for a head start, there is an example script here that may be worth a look:

If you can map a drive to the location you can use this powerful utility.

We use this tool in Houston and it can do what you are asking for and more. May be overkill but not sure the scope of your project. Since you mentioned cleaning up what is already in SharePoint this might be a good way to go.

FileFacets | Flawless Content Analysis & Migration

feel free to call me if you have any questions.

We have used in the past a free software called Bulk Rename Utility Tool you can download to rename documents existing on network drives prior to migrating into SharePoint. It is a pretty basic tool – nothing fancy – but it works and updates all documents that have the same symbol at once, too long file/pathnames etc. With some instruction you can teach general users to use it on their folder structure.

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