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Any resources for finding a Business Analyst to support selecting, integrating, and implementing a content management system?

Also, does anyone have a link(s) to a short, generic (non-specific solution), high-level PowerPoint, video, etc… for content management/IIM that specifically would give a layman viewer 1) holistic overview of capabilities of a content management/IIM solution and 2) demonstrate how records custodians can start to prepare their records for such a solution?

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Post your open position on AIIM / Resources / Job Center.

It sounds like you need someone with more in-depth knowledge of ECM practices – I’d suggest you look for someone with ECMs/ECMm/CIP designations/certifications that also has a technical background with one or more content management platforms. If you’re looking for a high level view of ECM practices, I suggest you take a look at the resources section of the AIIM main site. The ECM courses AIIM offers would have what you’re looking for – you might find a presentation on ECM there

Hi Jasen, I am available for this, if you are seeking a Business Analyst resource.

I have had several years of experience as Business Analyst for Content Management Initiatives.

Please let me know.

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I second Ken’s suggestion.


Smart approach.
You need stakeholder buy-in and to eliminate the knowledge gap, and as others have suggested, some help to prioritize and to prepare.
We could absolutely help you with this.
P.M. me and we can connect.

IQ Business Group, Inc.

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