Anyone have experience with Rights Management tools?

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My company is increasingly producing digital content that we are licensing outside to partner organizations. We want to make sure they use it as intended, which may mean NOT reproducing or sharing beyond their organization. I’ve been trying to find good information about the current state of DRM (Digital Rights Management, which is also called ERM – Enterprise Rigts Mgmt – and IRM – Information Rights Management.) Ideally we would find a product that allows for flexibility (different partners may have different terms of use.)

What I’m aware of is that many packages either work by requiring a password to access content OR by requiring installation of some kind of software package (either a tool or a browser plug-in) to open the content. Both of these solutions are problematic as we do not want to infringe on the user experience if possible – the password access, in addition to the hassle of a password, typically also requires communication with an external service that stores and/or encrypts the password, so if that server is unavailable,

the content is unaviailable. There is a third way that isn’t as common but I found in the realm of publishers – a digital watermark that is traced (by the company that provides it) – they have a bot scanning the web and if the watermark is detected it is reported. There may be a lot of human interventions (and thus, I suspect it is an expensive option!)

Do any of you have experience with DRM/ERM/IRM and can you give me any software reviews of players in this space?

Thanks in advance!

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First of all, I would like to identify myself in this discussion as someone who works for a Canadian-based DRM company (also known as ERM / IRM 🙂 ) There are a few options out there for you that I’m sure you have come across but as far as a solid balance between security features (incl. watermarks), analytics and flexibility/user experience – we are a leading provider. Send me over a message and I will be happy to share further details and customer testimonials with you.

Vitrium Security Inc.

Hi, Have you looked at Microsoft Azure Media Services marketplace? There are a ton of solutions there (depending on the web platform you want to expose this through) built on top of MS Azure Media Services and Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) that could possibly meet your needs.

Havision and Fotoware might be 2 to start looking at.
Hope that helps.


l am a Strategic Advisor for Ramessys, LLC. What you are describing is precisely what this company does. Please take a look at the company’s website. I’d be happy to get you connected to the people who can help you with what you would like to do.

Ramessys, LLC

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