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We are hearing that Nintex is significantly more expensive for workflow development in SP online than it is on-premise. Does anyone know of any alternatives for robust workflow development that aligns w SP online other than Nintex

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Yeah Nintex can be expensive and it is such a powerful workflow tool that I have used for over 5 years and I have done mazing things in it. Well I guess with Online you have to ask yourself a question, what are you trying to achieve? I have developed very powerful workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013 for SP Online it is just as capable but obviously not in the level of Nintex.
There are couple of options that you can look at but the question first should be what you are trying to achieve with your online workflows before you get to the product.
I must say I do like Virto and it is cheaper than Nintex and there is also Plumsail. Good luck.

Depending on what you’re trying to do, there are potentially a number of options:

. You MAY be able to use the new MS Flow tool (very much depending on what you’re trying to accomplish)
. Infowise software offers some products that may be able to accomplish what you want, again depending on what that is.
. Harepoint may be able to help
. AgilePoint may also fit your needs and potentially budget
. Bamboo software has a workflow tool
. Datapolis also has a workflow tool
. You can, of course, “roll your own”
. Finally, there is K2 as the head-to-head competitor to Nintex. But, since it is at least as expensive as Nintex, that may not help much


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