360-degree Image Viewer in SharePoint and OneDrive

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New Feature: 360-degree Image Viewer in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business  

The 360-degree Image Viewer is a new Office 365 feature. We’ll begin rolling this feature out soon.

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With this feature in place, customers will be able to view 360-degree photos in an interactive, panoramic manner, directly within SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, when the photo is clicked on for detailed viewing.

Any 360-degree photos uploaded after this feature goes live (basically ones marked with a projection type of “Equirectangular”) will be detected as such.

Alternatively, users can manually tag their 360-degree photos to end with “.360.jpg” or “.360.jpeg” to force activation of the 360-degree viewer, for those particular photos.

Before the 360 viewer:

 With the 360 viewer:

 The roll out will be complete in early July.

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